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Vale Cathy Hall – Passionate Community Advocate

25 July 2022

Today I heard the wonderful Cathy Hall had sadly passed away. She was a passionate advocate for people and planet.
Cathy’s wonderful approach to life often reminded me of one of my favourite sayings:
“One has to come to understand the meaning of life when she is willing to plant shade trees under which she knows full well she will never sit…”
Cathy lived this saying. She was passionate about creating a better world, passionate about a safer climate, and passionate about, quite literally, planting more shade trees, not because it would benefit her directly but instead because it would help future generations.
One of the last things Cathy wrote to me was:
I am sad to not be able to help now, but I will in the trees in spirit and encouragement trying to make up for much of my generation’s failures to your children and your grandchildren.
Thanks Cathy for your contribution and the wonderful legacy you’ve created in our community. You were a strong advocate for a better, more caring, more sustainable community.
You are the best of Freo!
Here’s a photo of Cathy and Jon planting in the rain at Hollis Park. Trees others will enjoy the shade of.

cathy hall and jon strachan at hollis park


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  • How wonderful. What a precious soul.