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Build-to-rent – a key addition to housing options in WA

5 June 2023

Build-to-rent has been getting a lot of press as a key solution in addressing Australia’s housing crisis.

So far there is only one build-to-rent in WA and this week I got to do a tour of it.

Element 27 by Sentinel Real Estate is impressive. It is two good-looking, mid-rise apartment buildings side by side. Over time there will be four buildings, forming a mini campus just south of Subiaco train station. The buildings each have an abundance of shared community facilities including rooftop decks, pools, meeting rooms and gyms.

While not a silver bullet, build-to-rent has the potential to add much-needed long-term rental supply to the WA market. It also adds a different longer-term, more secure rental option. An important addition in my view and I hope we see more off it. The WA Government has promised legislation to better enable it later this year.

A big thanks to Keith Lucas from Sentinal, Luke Parker from OP Properties, and Emily Young from the Property Council for taking the time to show me around and answer questions.


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