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Inspiring Infill from Hamilton Hill

13 February 2023

Last weekend I did an inspiring tour of some innovative and sustainable infill housing as part of the Sustainable Practitioners Network Future Family Homes Launch.

It asked this key question:

This project took a block with a rather unremarkable 1970s Hamilton Hill home on it (above left) and turned it into two highly energy efficient family homes running off almost entirely renewable energy (above right).

Seeing how this was achieved while also keeping the mature trees, reusing materials, retaining most of the original house and capturing rainwater is inspiring stuff. Oh and it was beautiful and liveable too.

The project is being photographed and explained on the Facebook page: (8) Our Build | Facebook

A great project, we need more like this as we transition to a Net Zero Perth

A big thanks to the SPN for organizing and Rif for the great presentation.

We need these exceptional projects to be the new normal.


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  • Very good. A concerted effort might be needed to free up planning blockages to sincere innovation. Proactive assistance to willing small landowners with old houses etc who are not professional developers. Rather than them having to pay for expensive design in the hope of approval, then having to argue the case.

    Create a scheme. Proactively design the optimum across the whole area for access, building envelopes, shared driveways, crossovers, median strips, street trees, power pole shifts or underground power, water and sewerage. Let individual owners then simply fit that scheme or apply for small variations.