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South Terrace/Suffolk Street Hotel Development out for consultation

31 March 2021

Good to see the development application for 65 South Tce (corner of South Terrace and Suffolk Street) now out for public consultation.

The plan is for a six-storey, 100 room hotel building with two office tenancies, one office / shop tenancy and associated car parking

The project is by  Fremantle-based Yolk Property Group and has been designed by Fremantle architects Harris-Jenkins.

It’s value of over $20 million means that it be presented to the Western Australian Planning Committee rather than the City of Fremantle for approval. Community feedback is invited here:

This site has sat empty for about 30 years. For those of you with really long memories you might remember this service station that was demolished in the late 1980s I’m guessing, and the site has been vacant every since.

It would be great to see something finally happened on this site and done well it will help link the Cappuccino Strip to the Wray Ave precinct.

Please have your say.


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  • Well, you supported Yolk’s development in Pakenham Street on the corner of Bannister, described by one resident as “The worst building in the West End.” You supported their oversized apartment block on Adelaide Street now being built where they wanted to use Johnston Court as a precedent, and now you will no doubt support this overscaled development because it matches Arundel Court, which is an aberration, not a precedent.

    • John., it is true that I have supported each of these developments. In each case these developments are bringing people back into central Freo on sites that have sat empty and underutilized, without damaging any heritage buildings or fabric. A good outcome.

  • Mayor,

    While I see your point that the site is not being used, and I understand that you see a need to have large “developments” to bring workers back to the city, I’m not sure such buildings are in the spirit of Fremantle.

    I’ve been in South Fremantle for 35 years or more and I’ve been startled at the growth along south terrace in the last few years. I’ve watched as businesses have come and gone and gradually established a foothold, often in renovated old buildings. The locals love it and so do people from nearby suburbs. it reminds me of papa luigi’s and old days back in the main town. I think this is the style that the locals want, not the 5 star treatment that the central area has concentrated on since the America’s Cup.

    Large hotels and office blocks out of style with the original fremantle look are only going to dilute it, to the stage that tourists will look around and wonder why they came. If you went to Venice and ended up staying in an area that looked like any tourist town, you wont be going back again. The reason Fremantle has been deserted by the locals is that it has lost its soul. 6 storey hotels and office blocks will do nothing to recapture that.

    • I agree with you if we’re talking about the state heritage listed west end but not opposite the giant hospital.

      • I know this sounds petty but I just hope that the Council keeps the mega-developers out of South Fremantle….They have their playground in the City.

  • That is not an attractive building and has no architectural relevance to Fremantle. It is too high, has no greenery and no balconies or opening windows that I can see.
    Developers need to go back to the drawing board I feel.

  • Clicked on link and got … This consultation is now closed…