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The Inconvenient Truth about Gas.

8 June 2023

In recent weeks, the APPEA and the gas sector have ramped up publicity pushing the climate benefits of gas.

A report Climate Analytics released today shows most of this doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Take just one example: we hear politicians repeating that gas lobby line that gas has only 50% of the emissions of coal but looking at the data we can see that it is over 60% and that is not including the emissions from production, manufacture, distribution, and gasification.

Once you add in these emissions, including methane leakages, gas likely has a GREATER greenhouse gas footprint than coal-fired power generation!

Natural gas was the largest source of fossil CO2 emissions increase over the last decade and this is growing.

The science is clear – we need no new gas, it is not compatible with a safe climate.

climate_analytics_appea_factcheck_june2023.pdf (


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