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New Report on Western Australia Renewable Energy Transition Survey: Headwinds and Barriers

26 March 2024

This week we released a report that we commissioned titled Western Australia Renewable Energy Transition Survey: Headwinds and Barriers by Maywood and Partners Management Consultants.

It includes a confidential survey that sought feedback from industry participants on the WA clean energy transition to understand the extent and nature project development of headwinds and barriers.

Survey participants were a representative sample drawn from renewable energy project proponents, Gentailers (electricity generators and retailers) and industrial gas users decarbonising primarily via electrification.

The survey results show that there are significant obstacles that need to be addressed in order for the state to meet its published renewable energy targets in a timely manner. As data in indicates, and feedback from respondents confirms, there is a slowing down of South West Interconnected System (SWIS) connected RE projects reaching final investment decision and coming online in Western Australia, excluding rooftop solar and large-scale battery storage.

This contrasts with the official position of the WA state government in recent communications that have set the expectation there are a large number of renewable energy projects in the pipeline.

Renewable Energy projects in Western Australia – both entering construction and operation – have flatlined in recent years, despite the WA Government’s own modelling showing we will need 50 gigawatts of new renewable energy to come online by 2042.

Full report is here:

WA Renewable Energy WA Survey Report_1_final


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