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Transit-Orientated Development; time for TODs to take off

1 June 2023

This week the Property Council launched an excellent report of Transit-Orientated Developments (otherwise known as TODs)

Here is how WA Today reported it: Perth urban sprawl: Transit-oriented development needed but Metronet not the answer (

Without a doubt, TODs are going to be an essential ingredient in a more compact, sustainable, and liveable Perth but sadly, they have been largely neglected by both sides of government over the last decade.

Instead of TODs we have largely had ad hoc density popping in the suburbs, which is often where existing residents often don’t want it and a long way from good public transport.

What the Property Council report does well is map out where TODs would best work. Interestingly, none are Metronet stations except Bayswater. This is because the proposed Metronet TODs are mostly in the wrong location, too far from the central area, and the reality is that developers are unlikely to invest this far from existing high amenity centres. They simply aren’t going to happen anytime soon.

ouncil report does an excellent job of doing the work that the WA Government should have been doing in identifying priority TODs for immediate investment.

I would go further and argue that at least half of the stations on the Fremantle to Perth train line would be appropriate for TODs and many local governments in the area are already on board.

North Fremantle and Victoria Street (Mosman Park) TODs are especially timely given the recent demolition of the Standard Wool Sheds and the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) proposed major Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) amendment for the ‘North Fremantle Urban Precinct’.

This North Fremantle MRS amendment is currently lacking a TOD plan but desperately needs one if it is to see an integration of land-use and transport planning on this key site.

I hope this report will see TODs take off. Perth desperately needs it.


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