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Visit to Wonderful Denmark Eco village

9 January 2023

While having a break with the family on the South Coast I couldn’t resist sneaking in a couple of (fun) work events.
The first was a catch-up with former Greens WA MLC Paul Llewelyn who took my family for a tour of the wonderful Denmark Eco village (Deco) he co-created close to the town center. What was a degraded paddock is now sustainable 12 homes of varying sizes and a communal space all facing onto to a shared courtyard full of productive plants. Built out of hemp, passive solar, and powered by solar PV and batteries, it’s an impressive example of a low-rise but medium-density sustainable development.
Deco shows that better and smarter housing is possible. Housing that’s low-carbon, cheap to run, and builds community.
A few days later I was back at Deco this time to meet with some of the active local Greens members in and around Denmark and to share what we were working on and get a better understanding of the issues in the area. Great to be part of this and thanks to Donald Clark for organizing it.
I’m properly back in the office today and looking forward to the year ahead.


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